Published: July 4th, 2011
trade paperback -
ISBN 978-0-98266-394-3
ebook -
320 pages

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Get ready for a wild ride. Over his long career, John Shirley has earned his reputation as a writer that doesn't pull his punches, and doesn't treat his readers gently. In Extremis features more than twenty of Shirley's most intense stories originally published in a variety of anthologies and periodicals. In addition, this volume contains two never-before-published pieces that are sure to roil the genre's most hardened readers.


"Snapping, snarling, vigorously wrought drama—Shirley writes splendid stuff."
Kirkus Reviews

"John Shirley serves up the bloody heart of a sick and rotting society with the aplomb of an Aztec surgeon on dexadrine."
ALA Booklist

"John Shirley's writing is like Borges as directed by Scorsese."
Covert Culture Handbook

" . . . astonishingly consistent and rigorously horrifying work . . . all his stories . . . give off the chill of top-grade horror. It's a moral chill, because Shirley's great subject is the terrible ease with which we modern Americans have learned to look away from pain and suffering . . . And while the matter of his stories is often shocking, his manner is calm, restrained. The prose is attitude-free and precise, its characteristic sound a minor chord of sorrow and banked anger. He writes about sensation unsensationally, with a particular tenderness toward those who manage, against the odds and by whatever means, to feel something . . ."
New York Times Review of Books


John Shirley is the author of more than a dozen chilling and innovative works including the popular novel Demons as well as tie-in novels for the Constantine and Predator series. In addition to his novels, Shirley co-wrote the screenplay for the 1994 blockbuster The Crow. Shirley has fronted multiple punk-rock bands, and was deemed the “postmodern Edgar Allen Poe” by literary critic Larry McCaffrey. He lives in San Francisco.