Resurrection House is always keen on previously unpublished novel-length works of science fiction, fantasy, dark fantasy, and noir mystery with a tinge of otherworldliness—and the occasional bit of horror. We are not terribly rigorous in our definitions of these genres. We prefer character-driven pieces but don't mind being kept up late due to a tightly wound, plot-driven book. Our interest is piqued by material that is not strictly beholden to the history of and/or culture of Western European civilization.

We are currently OPEN to submissions and anticipate we will remain so until the early summer of 2017.

Please send a query to editors [at] resurrectionhouse dot com, and include a brief cover letter that tells us a little bit about yourself and your book. Please include the full manuscript as an attachment in an industry standard text file format (PDF is acceptable, as well). Please give us six weeks before querying as to the status of your submission.

Submissions thrown over the transom (real or virtual) or sent through the business contact address may get waylaid, misfiled, or outright tossed.