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BAHAMUT is a journal of the progressive fringe in transnational literature. Issues are available for $15 USD or at a subscription rate of $25 USD.

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photo by Erin Rambo

photo by Erin Rambo


Rima Abunasser holds a Ph.D. in English Literature and Theory, specializing in 18th-century British Literature, Postcolonial Literature, and Women’s Studies. She teaches courses on contemporary Arabic literature, British literature, and global women’s writing at Texas Christian University, where she conducts research into Arab women’s literary & feminist redefinitions of nationalist discourse.

Darin Bradley holds a Ph.D. in Poetics and has published short fiction, poetry, and criticism at a variety of presses and journals. He is the author of three novels—NOISE (2010), CHIMPANZEE (2014), and TOTEM (2016)—and editor-in-chief of the experimental e-zine FARRAGO’S WAINSCOT. He has taught writing and literature at several universities and formerly served as the administrative editor of the scholarly journal Studies in the Novel.

BAHAMUT is published in English by Underland Press, an imprint of Resurrection House, and distributed by Publishers Group West.

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ISSN: 2377-3022

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