by Scott James Magner

Published: November 11th, 2014
trade paperback -
ISBN 978-1-63023-027-2
ebook -
ISBN 978-1-63023-025-8
392 pages

Also available as an audio book.

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In the 27th century, the Transgenic virus has redefined what it means to be human. The exiles of Earth's Outer Colonies have evolved distinct genetic advantages over their ancestors, and are coming home to claim their birthright.

Commander Jantine leads an infiltration force of soldiers, scientists, and engineers on a mission to establish a new colony—a beachhead—on the planet that cast them forth so many years before.

Lieutenant Mira Harlan of the System Defense Force is part of a clandestine fleet stationed just outside Earth's orbit. She doesnŐt know it yet, but on board her ship is a priceless secret—a young girl whose genetic code might unlock the mysteries of the Transgenic virus.

When Jantine and the crew of Streamship Seven emerge from hyperspace, they reignite a centuries-old conflict that could tear the home system apart. Harlan and her captain must both defend themselves and protect their charge, or humanity's next war may well be its last.


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"A superbly crafted novel, Homefront is especially recommended to the attention of science fiction enthusiasts. Original, compelling, deftly written from beginning to end, Homefront will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to community library science fiction collections."
Midwest Book Review

"A fascinating premise, emotional ride, and kind of a twist ending potentially setting up a sequel, Homefront is quite a ride."
Sporadic Reviews


Scott James Magner is a writer, editor, designer, developer, and worldbuilder. His work appears in tabletop and online roleplaying games (most notably Dungeons and Dragons, AION, and TERA), card games, miniatures games and board games. He has a passion for movies and classic science fiction, and spends his days tweaking and twisting new worlds. Homefront is his first novel.

Scott lives in Seattle, WA.

[ author photo by Jared Ream ]